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April 24, 2019

A new scammer has hit the Hardin County Area. Elizabethtown police say they have received calls about a potential Driveway Sealing scam. The man was last need driving a white pick-up truck and his name is Pierre O’Hara. Officials say this same man is believed to have hit the New Albany area a few weeks ago. Anyone with information should contact law enforcement.

Pierce Street in Etown is closed today (4/24) due to utility installations for the sanitary sewer upgrade project by the Engineering Department. Detours are provided.

Students have the opportunity and financial options to attend summer classes in Etown. Visit for Smarter Summer information.

The Way to Work program has yielded career opportunities and financial stability for 164 participants so far. Find ways to work by visiting

Marking vehicle tires with chalk prior to the owners’ exceeding public parking limits was declared unconstitutional this week. Law enforcement in the 6th U.S. District, including Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee are no longer permitted to chalk vehicle tires, in an effort to monitor citizens who may exceed the parking limit. In some areas of the 6th District, tire chalking was an activity use for raising revenue, rather than improving public safety.

April, 19 2019

A Fort Knox Soldier Charged with assault went before a Grand Jury, Thursday. She was not indicted. Kai Waters was charged after a road rage incident in Elizabethtown in February where she stabbed the other driver.

A Hardin County Community Icon and World War 2 Veteran Ralph Reese passed away last night. (Thursday Night). Reese will truly be missed by this whole community. No funeral arrangements have been announced.

The American Red Cross is selling the Elizabethtown office. Officials say they will continue to collect blood and platelet donations at that location on West Dixie until the building is sold. The building sale was driven by continuing efforts to streamline operations to ensure the best use of donor dollars and reduce overhead costs. Officials ensure that the decision will not impact services provided in the community. The organization is looking for a new location for the local chapter office in the weeks and months ahead.

The Abraham Lincoln birthplace is open to anyone that wants to take prom picture, but there are rules and regulations when taking professional photos. Special use permit is required for commercial photographers collecting money for their service. You can receive that permit by contacting the birthplace visitors center. The gates close at 5pm, but the Boyhood Home Unit at Knob Creek is a great alternate location for pictures.